The company was established in 1998 with a great history of research and production having its sales office in Rome and production on site for its products and on demands. During the time the expansion of the company took place in different cities of Italy with a wide network of marketers and vendors whom guarantied continuous distribution of pharmaceutical and supplementary products.

LABORATORIO ASCLEPIO is a research, development and production company of food supplements and Pharmaceutical products and medical devices with the support of a complete and customized service based on the needs of the customer. LABORATORIO ASCLEPIO has its own brands, and all products are branded products. In the present production is carried out in Florence and Catania.

Today the core business of the company is made of production and distribution of food supplements and pharmaceutical products and medical devices which are followed by the network distribution of the company.

In the last years LABORATORIO ASCLEPIO has expanded its sale network acting as wholesale company in Europe zone and Middle East and east Asia which are considered growing markets and economies for the company.